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Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) is the most efficient dust collecting equipment among various types of Pollution Control equipments. ESP can achieve high efficiency against small pressure drop even for sub micron particles. Efficiency in excess of 99.9% for ultra fine dust is very common and can be used over wide range of applications.

An ESP consists of high Voltage (HT) discharge electrodes and adjacent dust collecting electrodes plates. With increase of HT Voltage, negative potential electrons will flow across the space between collecting electrodes which are earthed (positive) with sufficient intensity of electron flow dust particles in gas passing between the collecting plates are charged negatively (-ve) and are attracted towards the earthed collecting electrodes and give up the charge to get collected on collecting Electrode plates. Deposited dust is then dislodged by means of rapping at preset intervals to hoppers below CE plates for eventual disposal by dust disposal system.

ESP is used extensively in Steel, Power, and Metallurgical and Cement Industries due to its very high efficiency at low running cost.

APC System & Products Pvt. Ltd. can provide complete system with ESP with all electrical fan and controls dust disposal systems, motorised dampers etc. as per Clients requirement. Our vastly experienced engineers can promptly provide most economical solution and tailor made design and size of ESP which will meet the emission level of dust stipulated by the Pollution Control Board.