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Fire Fighting System

Industries are sensitive places and require a complete safety solution to avert fire. A well-designed fire fighting system is highly essential for industrial security and employee safety. We provide both Fire hydrant and Alarm (conventional and addressable type) systems for various industries as well as commercial complexes.

The hydrant and wet riser system consists of fire pump, jockey pump to help maintain a constant system pressure, hydrant valves, hose box with hose pipe, electrical control unit etc. In case of fire, a hydrant valve is opened manually to spray water, which is always maintained at a constant pressure in the pipeline.

The Fire Alarm system along with a public address system helps to reduce the delay between a fire outbreak and its discovery. If a fire is discovered at its incipient stage, it is much easier to contain it. In this system, all sensing devices (i.e. smoke and heat detectors) within a predefined zone are connected to a main control panel. An audio-visual alarm is generated by the panel signalling the zone on fire. Our design engineers are well equipped to custom design a fire fighting system if provided with relevant input data and drawings.